Wildscreen/ARKive, UK

Wildscreen is a UK-registered charity with global reach. Wildscreen’s mission is “to promote the public understanding of biodiversity and the need for its conservation by using the power of wildlife imagery”, and Wildscreen has established an international reputation and proven track record within the fields of natural history media, communications and education. It concentrates its efforts on what it sees as the front line of conservation: stimulating a passion in the subject through the power of wildlife images and recordings. All of Wildscreen’s activities involve harnessing the very best of the world’s wildlife imagery and media to promote a greater understanding of the natural world.

Wildscreen runs a number of international flagship initiatives including the Wildscreen Festival (the world’s biggest and most influential wildlife and environmental film festival), WildPhotos (a new wildlife photography symposium, exploring the power of nature photography), Wildscreen’s Outreach programme (a touring programme of award-winning film screenings and master classes to reach, engage and inspire new audiences) and ARKive (the world’s centralized and permanent digital library for films and photographs of the world’s endangered animals, plants and fungi - freely accessible to all online and preserved for future generations).

Further information: http://www.wildscreen.org.uk