Royal Museum for Central Africa, Belgium
The Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA) is a multidisciplinary institution with a special focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. It is a leading research institute and knowledge centre on the biodiversity of living species in the context of their natural environments in Africa, particularly Central Africa, and aims to develop interest and understanding for African fauna in the scientific communities and the public at large.

The three sections ‘Vertebrates’, ‘Entomology’ and ‘Invertebrates non-insects’ in the Department of African Zoology and parts of the Sections ‘Agricultural Economy’ (for wood biology) and ‘General Geology’ (for fossils) manage collections of about 10 million specimens of animals and 56,000 wood specimens of 13,600 different botanical species. The researchers carry out studies on animals and woody plants within their natural environment in Africa. Their aim is to gain more insight into biodiversity and to stimulate interest among the general public and the scientific community.

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